Our working philosophy

We work « tailor made ».
Our basic programs are truly adapted to the specific needs of your company and we develop our pedagogical material correspondingly.

We collaborate closely with the company’s management.
In our trainings, we follow, incorporate and apply the policy and goals of your organisation.

We offer proper solutions for operational and personal concerns of the participants.
We keep in mind the development level, professional needs and concerns of each participant.

Our trainings and seminars are dynamic and result-oriented.
Concrete and immediate working tools are given to the participants in order to be operational at work immediately.

Our facilitating techniques enhance active commitment of the participants. 
We incorporate a variety of practical exercises, individual tests, case studies, group discussions, videotaped sessions for debriefings, role-plays, etc.

We boost motivation throughout the training.
Daily training evaluation guarantee continued satisfaction and make sure our proposed solutions respond to participant expectations continuously.

We optimise time and participant effort in order to maximise effective learning, and in order to generate the highest possible company investment return.
We strongly urge time waste reduction and pedagogic inefficiencies in the training process.

We can assure training follow-up.
We incorporate individual action plans for each participant. Results are measured in the field. A coaching program is provided whenever appropriate