About us


Our team is led by Michel André-Dumont (Curriculum vitae/Resumé).

The team consists of 12 recognised specialists with solid backgrounds and experience, who possess the theoretical, practical and pedagogic competencies that are required to quickly obtain concrete results.

The selection criteria to join our specialist base are:

  1. a university degree
  2. solid practical experience in the corporate business world
  3. technical expertise within their field
  4. a dynamic and enthusiastic personality
  5. didactical qualities
  6. sense of ethics (moral values, respect for trust and deontological principles)

We substantially invest in permanent training of our own team, in order to continuously guarantee true professionalism during our intervention, as well as continuity and complementarity within our own group.

  • Efficiency: we seek to obtain quick and measurable results.
  • Pragmatism: we focus on practice, and work in concrete situations.
  • Integrity: our good reputation is based on the continuous application of intellectual and moral integrity.
  • Conviviality: we are convinced that the quality of our interventions is strongly influenced by the high quality relationships we’ve built up with our partner clientele. We seek to build up long term relationships with our clientele, which find their source in trust and mutual respect.